University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Doctoral studies in E-Business

The study program E-Business aims to provide students with top theoretical and practical knowledge and enable them to original research in fundamental and applied areas. Conditions for enrollment in the study program are previously achieved at least 300 ECTS in undergraduate and master’s academic studies (or integrated academic studies).

The study program E-Business is harmonized with the vision, mission and goals of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the existing organizational structure. It integrates the fields of informatics. Within the study program, E-Business enables the profiling of doctoral students to meet specific social needs in the fields of informatics, information systems and technologies.

The study program is designed so that by attending it, the student becomes a highly qualified researcher in the field of informatics. The student acquires quality knowledge and skills based on the application of modern information technologies and methodologies, which enable him a scientific approach in identifying, analyzing and solving complex problems.

Course titleStatusSemesterECTS
Methodology of scientific research work in technical and technological sciencesElectiveFirst10
E-business - selected chaptersElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Internet marketing and social mediaElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Mobile businessElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Internet of things and smart environmentsElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
E-education - selected chaptersElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
E-health - selected chaptersElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Virtual and augmented realityElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Cloud computing and software defined networksElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Big data and business intelligence in e-businessElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Intelligent data management in e-businessElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Blockchain in e-business - selected chaptersElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Risk management in e-businessElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Concurrent and distributed programmingElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Internet economy - selected chaptersElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
E-business management - selected chaptersElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Cyber ​​psychology - selected chaptersElectiveFirst/Second/Third10
Engineering economicsElectiveFirst/Second/Third10

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