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Establishing a center for Internet of things

Internet of things – IoT is currently one of the most popular fields of information technology. It understood automatization of the physical environment by connecting devices to the Internet. Internet of things can be applied in the fields of business, education, health, traffic, energy, industry, agriculture, robotics, and others. IoT technologies enable the development of smart environments such as smart cities, smart homes, smart learning environments, intelligent transport, etc.
The main goal of the developing smart environments and usage of intelligent devices in certain areas is to improve the lifestyle, easily perform daily activities, monitor the health of patients and citizens in remote locations, reduce traffic congestion, reduce fuel consumption, reduce the cost of electricity, renewable energy, environmental protection, improvement of work of the public administration, improving the ways of realization of teaching activities, etc.
The development of smart environments implies the existence of hardware (microcomputers, microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, network components) and software components (development environment, the operating systems for intelligent devices, management software, intelligent environment). The technologies necessary for the development of the Internet of things are: computer networks and protocols, sensor networks, M2M communications, mobile technology, cloud computing and big data. 

Activities of the center:

IoT center will include a number of activities divided into several interrelated parts:

Scientific research

Organization and realization of scientific research in the Center will develop and implement research related to the development of IoT infrastructure and applications in various fields such as business, education, health, energy, and others.

Developing and publishing scientific literature: the main goal is that the results of the Center are available to the public. Activities in this area include the preparation and publication: monographs, professional publications, papers in journals and at conferences. One of the activities will be the launching of the journal in the field of IoT. Special attention will be given to the improvement of scientific literature in the field of Internet of things on Serbian language.

Preparation of research projects in the field of IoT under domestic and international programs: means applying and participation of FON in various projects involving the use of IoT, such as Horizon 2020, the projects financed by investment funds, EU and so on.

Connect with scientific research institutions, organizations and enterprises: considering the actuality and importance of IoT growing number of research institutions deals with the study of this field and different aspects of the application. There is a large area and the potential to connect with renowned international universities through mutual projects, courses, training programs, exchange of researchers and students and so on.

Participation in working groups for standardization in the field of IoT: the question of standards is of great importance for each new field. The center will participate in the international working groups for standardization in the area of IoT.

The implementation of IoT technologies in the development of innovative educational services: includes the development of IoT ecosystem that would include a larger number of advanced services and applications primarily intended for students and teachers. These services should contribute to better conditions of studying, better performance of students , FON`s competitive advantage over other universities. The basis will be a hardware-software platform for IoT, which will enable the design and development of intelligent environments.

Dissemination of knowledge in the area of IoT center will organize and participate in national and international conferences, exhibitions and other events designed to promote the scientific field of smart Internet devices.

Education and work with students

Improving the curriculum of the subjects in the programs of Undergraduated, Master and Specialized studies: this activity involves permanent monitoring of trends and innovations in the area of IoT and updating and improvement of course content, teaching methods, theoretical and practical knowledge of students FON.

Improving teaching literature: in Serbia there is no quality literature for teaching in the field of IoT. The center will actively work on the preparation of textbooks, laboratory and multimedia textbook content for teaching at all levels of study
Preparation of students and teachers to participate in international competitions: this means the process of promoting, instigating, preparation and conduct of FON’s students to the various competitions in the field of IoT.

Organization of Summer school center

The organization of seminars and training courses in the field of IoT: the center will organize seminars and courses in the field of IoT under the program of continuing education.


Organization and participation in events related to IoT: means the organization of workshops, seminars, panel discussions, competitions, hackathon, HandsOn workshops, webinars, hosting experts in the field of IoT, etc. These activities contribute to the dissemination and exchange of ideas in the area of IoT. In this way the Center connects with all stakeholders, while expanding brand awareness IoT center and FON.
Conclusion of cooperation agreements with companies involved in IoT: within the center will actively work on concluding long-term agreements with domestic and foreign companies engaged in hardware and software for the IoT.


Development and implementation of IoT solutions and different areas of business center will be for all interested parties to provide consulting services in areas such as design and implementation of intelligent environments (smart buildings, smart classrooms, smart cities, etc.), purchasing and connecting equipment IoT , the development of products based on the IoT technologies, and more.

Software development for the IoT: within the center will actively work to develop software to support smart environments, integration IoT services in information systems, integration of big data and IoT solutions, and more.

Support IoT startups: This set of activities includes help and support to FON`s students who run their own projects and entrepreneurial ventures in the area of IoT.