University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

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Software engineering and artificial intelligence

The study program Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence aims to provide students with top theoretical and practical knowledge and prepare them for original research in fundamental and applied fields. Conditions for enrollment in the study program are previously achieved at least 300 ECTS in undergraduate and master’s academic studies (or integrated academic studies).

The study program Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence is harmonized with modern world trends and the state of science in the mentioned fields, as well as with accredited programs of foreign higher education institutions. The study program is complete and comprehensive and is harmonized with other study programs of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. The purpose of the study program is to educate students and train them for independent and quality scientific research work in the field of software engineering, artificial intelligence and information systems in the Internet environment and related scientific disciplines.

Software engineering - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Compulsory
Collection of software requirementsFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Software design - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Software construction - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Software testing - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Software qualityFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Software process and software maintenance - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Software engineering tools and methods - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Artificial intelligence - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Logic and methodology for software engineersFirst/Second/Third10Elective
Software project management - selected chaptersFirst/Second/Third10Elective