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Graduate studies of E-business

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Study program of graduate studies of e-business and system management is a next level of study after the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Within the study program, Department of e-business organizes two study groups:

The program is designed to educate graduated engineers who will receive a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, as well as to provide further continuation of their education at the appropriate specialist, or doctoral studies. The development and application of modern ICT have had a significant influence on the structure and content of the study program.[ac-accordions load=none][ac-accordion title=”Purpose of the study program”]The purpose of the E-Business and system management study program is the further development and improvement in the area of e-business, the use of modern technologies in e-business, cyber law and system management with scientific and technical aspects. Given the increasing importance of these areas and the demand for qualified personnel this study program is of great importance for the development of the Faculty, but also the economy and society as a whole. The program of study is in line with the principles of the Strategy for Development of Information Society in the Republic of Serbia to the 2020th. At the same time, the purpose of this program is to enable students to work independently in the field of designing and implementing complex business solutions, application development and e-business services, application of new information technologies in business. Professional competence of students acquired during this study will contribute to raising the level of competitiveness of the students at the local and global market.[/ac-accordion][ac-accordion title=”Aims of the program”]The primary goal of this program is to provide students with high quality and relevant knowledge and contents in the field of e-business, the application of modern ICT in business, system management, cyber law and in this way enable students so they can solve specific business problems with application of acquired skills and knowledge.[/ac-accordion][ac-accordion title=”Structure of study program”]Graduate studies program enables students to acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as improvement and upgrading of previously gained knowledge in the fields studied in this study program. Condition for admission to the program is previously earned 240 ECTS credits at the undergraduate level. Study program of graduate studies of E-business and system management lasts for 1 year or 2 semesters and includes five exams, internship, thesis introductory paper and master thesis.  This study program brings a total of 60 ECTS. Each exam is worth 6 ECTS. Thesis introductory paper is worth 8 ECTS, internship is worth 4 ECTS and master thesis is worth 18 ECTS. Upon completion of studies, student obtains the title of Bachelor of Science – Master of Organizational Sciences. Within each study group there are one or two compulsory subjects, and other subjects are elective and can be selected from a group of elective subjects of selected study group.