University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business


Undergraduate studies – 2014

Courses of Department of e-business are conducted within the study programs of undergraduate studies: Information systems and technologies and Management on Faculty of Organizational sciences, University of Belgrade. Courses include electronic business, the application of modern technologies in e-business, design and implementation of complex business solutions, web applications and mobile applications, use of simulation in business, internet marketing, social computing, omnipresent computing, cloud computing, business intelligence, startup projects and other. Courses of Department of e-business are designed with aim to educate graduate engineers who would receive a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, as well as to provide further continue their education at master studies.  Professional competences that students acquired during the study of these courses will contribute to raising the level of students competitiveness within both the local and global market.

Course titleStatusSemesterECTS
E-businessCompulsory, ElectiveWinter6
Internet technologiesCompulsoryWinter6
Simulation and simulation languagesCompulsoryWinter6
Mobile businessElectiveWinter5
Internet marketingElectiveSummer5
Internet of thingsElectiveSummer5
E-business risk managementElectiveWinter5
Concurrent programmingElectiveWinter5
Multimedia technology and Internet in cultureElectiveWinter5