University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

E-business Lab


Laboratory for e-business was founded in 2001. by professor Božidar Radenković.

Main motive for establishing the lab for e-business was fostering and dissemination of scientific research and educational work in the field of e-business, Internet services and applications, mobile technologies in business. Studies of e-business were introduced in 2001. year at Faculty of organized sciences, University of Belgrade. At that time, no similar study program existed either in Europe or in the world. Following brochures portray organization of professional and master studies of e-business: Postgraduate studies E-business 2001. and Postgraduate studies E-business 2003.


Primary goal of E-bushiness lab is to leverage scientific research and educational work in the field of  ICT application in business and design of information systems in the Internet environment. All the activities imply use of modern technologies and permanent innovation.

Laboratory for e-business – services

Designing and implementation of e-business solutions

In the area of e-business, activities include design and implementation of e-business solutions:

  • Creating Internet Business Plans
  • Creating Internet Marketing Plans
  • Online shops implementation
  • Design and implementation of web sites and portals
  • Design and implementation of websites for mobile devices
  • Consulting on the design and implementation of CRM solutions
  • Consulting in the procurement of computer and telecommunications equipment
  • Consulting in the field of BI services and application

Consulting in field of e-learning

Field of e-learning involves conduction of business and professional courses through interactive exercises, simulation and demonstration, communication and collaboration. Available courses include:

  • Business Courses: MS Office, MS Project, Open Office, and others.
  • Specialized courses are organized in the fields of Internet technologies, e-commerce, Internet marketing, mobile computing and other fields.
  • Professional courses include training in the design of information systems, database administration, web programming, etc.
  • E-learning activity includes consulting in the design and implementation of e-education system.

Beside courses, e-learning activity includes consulting in the design and implementation of e-education systems.

Consulting in field of e-engineering

E-engineering services primarily include software development and maintenance of business information systems. In the field of engineering and consulting, the services include:

  • Web Design
  • Development of the software packages
  • Configuration and administration software
  • Introduction of LAN and WAN
  • Design of intranet computer networks
  • The introduction of computer networks
  • Design and development of infrastructure for Cloud Computing
  • Design and development of Cloud Computing services

Consulting in field of Internet technologies

Services in sector of telecommunications and Internet consulting services include the following:

  • VoIP telephony
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • wireless Internet
  • mobile communications

Internet of things

Lab’s activities in the area of Internet of Things include the organization of courses and consulting services in the field of:

  • Consulting in the field of using Internet of Things
  • Design and implementation of smart environments
  • Consulting in procurement and connecting equipment
  • The course of designing intelligent environments, dealing with hardware and software, operating systems, web services and mobile applications in order to manage smart environments
  • The course of programming languages ​​for the implementation of smart environments