University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Electronic business Study Group – MAS

The e-Business module enables the development and improvement of students’ knowledge in the areas of designing and managing e-business ecosystems and the application of advanced information technologies in digital business transformation. Within the study module Electronic Business, the obligatory subjects are Ecosystems of Electronic Business and Digital Marketing Technologies. The student chooses three elective courses from a set of courses: Payment Systems in Electronic Business, Electronic Business in Public Administration, E-Health, Electronic Education, Cyber Law, Risk Management and Cyber Security, Data Management and Analysis in Electronic Business, Internet Economics, Electronic Management business, Supply Chain Management 2, Economic and sociological aspects of digital transformation, Cyberpsychology.

Name of the subjectSemesterETCSStatus
E-business ecosystems16Compulsory
Digital marketing technologies16Compulsory
Risk management and cybersecurity16Elective
Data management and analysis in e-business16Elective
Mobile business technologies16Elective
Business intelligence and big data in e-business16Elective
Cyber right16Elective
Electronic business in public administration16Elective
Payment systems in electronic business16Elective
Internet economy
E-business management
Economic and sociological aspects of digital transformation
Supply chain management 2