University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

E-business Module – MAS

The E-Business module enables the development and improvement of students’ knowledge in the areas of designing and managing e-business ecosystems and the application of advanced information technologies in digital business transformation. Within the study module E-Business, the obligatory subjects are Ecosystems of E-Business and Digital Marketing Technologies. The student chooses three elective courses from a set of courses: Payment Systems in E-Business, E-Business in Public Administration, E-Health, E-Education, Cyber Law, Risk Management and Cyber Security, Data Management and Analysis in E-Business, Internet Economics, E-Business Management, Supply Chain Management 2, Economic and sociological aspects of digital transformation, Cyberpsychology.

Name of the subjectSemesterETCSStatus
E-business ecosystems16Compulsory
Digital marketing technologies16Compulsory
Risk management and cybersecurity16Elective
Data management and analysis in e-business16Elective
Cyber law16Elective
E-business in public administration16Elective
Payment systems in e-business16Elective
Internet economy16Elective
E-business management16Elective
Economic and sociological aspects of digital transformation16Elective
Supply chain management 216Elective