University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Postgraduate studies

E-business lab courses are conducted within the specialist studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, within  study program management and information systems.

Aims of study program

The aim of the program of postgraduate studies is the training of students with university education for professional positions in management and implementation of e-business systems.

Outcomes of study program

Acquisition and use of knowledge in the field of e-business and technology necessary for effective implementation of e-business; application of theoretical knowledge, quantitative and qualitative methods to solve the problems of modern management; assess of quality and applicability of the decision; writing research reports which are intellectual contribution to knowledge in the scientific field.

Academic Title

Specialist of organizational sciences for e-business.


Graduate degree (diploma) from the field of e-business, Internet technology, information systems and management to the extent of at least 300 ECTS credits is required. Applicants have to demonstrate a desire to vocational training, academic and career development in the public or private sector.

Course titleStatusSemesterECTS
Internet technologies and systems – selected chaptersElectiveFirst8
Internet marketing – selected chaptersCompulsoryFirst8
M-business technologies –selected chapters ElectiveFirst8
Computing simulation and virtual realityElectiveFirst8
Ubiquitous computing and Internet of thingsElectiveFirst8

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