University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Development of PWA using VueJS framework

Course content:

1.Progressive web applications – PWA

PWA. Key concepts and definitions. Advantages and disadvantages. Web app manifest. Add to home screen. Progressive enhancements. Service worker, Web Push API, Notification API. App shell. Stream API. Examples of PWA.

Literature: Materials in electronic form, available at

2.VueJS box

Introduction. Key concepts. Lifecycle Diagram. Templates, directives. Conditional and declarative rendering. User input management. Computed Properties and Watchers. Class and Style Bindings. Event management. Components. Literature: Materials in electronic form, available at

3.Application of VueJS framework for PWA development

Technologies for PWA development. Application of the JS framework for PWA development. The role of VueJS ecosystem components in PWA development. HTML 5 API. Push notifications. HTTP request management. Work offline. Messaging via API.

Literature: Materials in electronic form, available at

4.Project development

PWA – project. Architecture and UI / UX application design. Stack technology. Integration with external services and applications. Notifications. Development of ELAB PWA application.

Literature: Materials in electronic form, available at

Attendance of the course is free for all participants. Classes will be organized online, using the Moodle platform and video conferencing. During the work on the mentioned topics, the participants of the course will work on the realization of the project on the given topic.

Each participant who attends the classes and successfully completes the final project receives a certificate at the end of the course. For students or future students of Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the part of pre-exam obligations on one of the Elab subjects (depends on level of study) will be considered as completed, based on received certificate:

  • Internet technologies – undergraduate studies
  • Internet technologies and systems – master studies
  • Internet technologies and systems – selected chapters – particular postgraduate studies