University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

ELAB Infrastructure

Hardware infrastructure of the Department of e-business represents the basis for the efficient realization of the teaching process. The infrastructure provides a higher level of availability, scalability, reliability, and faster access to services designed to assist students and opens the possibility of cooperation with other scientific research institutions, companies and government institutions. The core system is a server infrastructure, which has sum of 200 processor units and 1TB of operational capacity memory. Servers have installed CentOS operating system which is a stable and powerful distribution of Linux.

ELAB infrastructure

Computing network connects servers, working stations and other equipment within the department with the external world is realized by applying the hierarchical model. This network provides parallel functioning of more separate virtual networks which constitute a part of the infrastructure in the cloud.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing infrastructure

Physical servers have installed KVM subsystem for virtualization which provides running various virtual machines. It has been set a Cloud Computing infrastructure for whose management is used OpenStack IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) software solution. Services of the Department of e-business have been implemented in cloud environments.

Big Data infrastructure

At the deployed network infrastructure, there is set powerful Hadoop ecosystem, which includes Apache Hadoop solution and other software tools, such as: Pig, Hive, Hbase,Sqoop, Hcatalog. This way, it has been enabled storage and analyzing big data, and also realization of the required computer operations in an efficient and effective manner within the scientific research work. Big data infrastructure allows students to learn new techniques of processing large amounts of data, and introduction to NoSQL databases.

For the purposes of education and scientific research papers of Department of e-business it has been used HDP which is installed on OpenStack using plug-in Savanna.

Department of e-business has a cluster on which is installed HDP (Hortonworks Data Platform). The cluster consists of three host. One is the master host that includes the services of the most essential importance, as well as services for the management and monitoring of vital functions of HDP. On the other two are installed services that are called clients, like Pig, Hive, Hbase, which are essential for the analysis.

There is also enabled access to students, so that they could learn new techniques of processing large amounts of data, as well as to learn about NoSQL databases. This service can be used within a computer network of faculty

Student Services

ELAB infrastructure is a hardware and software support for the implementation of a number of services for students. Beside Moodle platform for learning, ELAB is offering the following services to students within Cloud infrastructure:

  • ELAB Hosting – free students’ platform for hosting
  • ELAB SMS – free platform which enables the integration of messaging services into students’ applications.
  • ELAB IoT platforma – free students’ platform for the implementation of IoT projects.
ELAB infrastruktura