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Simulation Lab


Laboratory for simulation was founded on the 19th December, 1990. on the initiative from Professors: Pavle Pejović and Božidar Radenković. Basic motive to set up a Laboratory for simulation was to foster scientific research and education, primarily in the field of computer modeling and simulation, and other related areas. Further, the idea was to establish hardware and software support in research and teaching at undergraduate and post-graduate studies.


The main activities of the Laboratory for simulation include the researching of dynamics in business, technical and physical systems by applying a method of computer simulation and animation, organizing seminars, case studies and projects and as well to support organization of the symposiums.

Directory of Services of Laboratory for simulation includes:

The most important of these services are

  • Development of various projects in the field of computer simulation
  • Services of researching the dynamics of business, technical, and physical systems by applying the method of computing simulation and animation
  • Consulting services in the field of computing simulation in business
  • Consulting services in the fields of application of simulation in business decision-making         Consulting services in the field of computing simulation in researching
  • Consulting in the risk management field
  • The development of simulation models
  •  Consulting in the application of virtual reality

Consulting services related to simulation software

  • Design simulation software
  • The development of simulation software
  • The development of expert systems
  • Design and construction of intelligent computing systems
  • Consulting for the selection and application of simulation software
  • Training for using simulation software packages

  • Training for working with simulation software
  • Training for the development of simulation models
  • Organization of seminar software
Honorary members

Based on their contribution to the development of scientific areas studied within Laboratory for Simulation and promotion of scientific research laboratories, Lab has elected two honorary members :


dr Branislav Jovanić,
Scientific Advisor
Institut za fiziku, Belgrade

dr Milorad Stanojević,
Full Professor
The Faculty of Transport, Belgrade