University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Electronic Business Technologies Study Group – MAS

Within the module Electronic Business Technology, students develop and improve the knowledge needed for the development of modern infrastructures, services, and applications of electronic business. Compulsory subjects of the module are E-business ecosystems and the Development of advanced e-business applications. Elective courses are selected from a set of courses: Internet Technologies and Knowledge Management Systems in E-Commerce, Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services, Mobile Business Technologies, Smart Environments, Virtual Reality, and Game Programming, Blockchain in E-Commerce, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in e-business, Data management, and analysis in e-business, Computer network services in business, Security methods in e-business, Cybercrime, Software testing, and performance.

Name of the subjectSemesterETCSStatus
E-business ecosystems16Compulsory
Development of advanced e-business applications16Compulsory
Advanced cloud infrastructures and services16Elective
Mobile business technologies16Elective
Smart environments16Elective
Virtual reality and game programming16Elective
Blockchain in e-business16Elective
Business intelligence and big data in e-business16Elective
Computer network services in business operations16Elective
Internet technologies and knowledge management systems in e-business16Elective
Data management and analysis in e-business16Elective
Security methods in electronic business16Elective
Software testing and performance16Elective