University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

E-Business Technologies Study Group – MAS

Within the module E-Business Technology, students develop and improve the knowledge needed for the development of modern infrastructures, services, and applications of e-business. Compulsory subjects of the module are E-business ecosystems and the Development of advanced e-business applications. Elective courses are selected from a set of courses: Internet Technologies and Knowledge Management Systems in E-Business, Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services, Mobile Business Technologies, Smart Environments, Virtual Reality, and Game Programming, Blockchain in E-Business, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in e-business, Data management and analysis in e-business, Computer network services in business, Security methods in e-business, Cybercrime, Software testing, and performance.

Name of the subjectSemesterETCSStatus
E-business ecosystems16Compulsory
Development of advanced e-business applications16Compulsory
Advanced cloud infrastructures and services16Elective
Mobile business technologies16Elective
Smart environments16Elective
Virtual reality and game programming16Elective
Blockchain in e-business16Elective
Business intelligence and big data in e-business16Elective
Enterprise network services16Elective
Internet technologies and knowledge management systems in e-business16Elective
Data management and analysis in e-business16Elective
Security methods in e-business16Elective
Software testing and performance16Elective