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About special issue – Internet of Things



Nowadays, Internet has evolved into a platform that reshapes modern life and removes borders between real, social and cyber worlds. Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging paradigm and a cutting edge technology that harnesses a network of embedded, interconnected objects (sensors, actuators, tags or mobile devices) in order to collect various types of information at anytime and anywhere. These devices can be used for building different complex smart environments, such as smart homes, smart classrooms, smart offices, smart factories, smart cities, smart power grids or smart e-government. Further, the networks of devices are based on advanced Internet standards. IoT implies seamless integration of numerous types of devices into existing Internet infrastructure. Smart environments can be customized according to users’ needs and preferences which are suitable for automating these environments.

The main subject of the special issue is Internet of things and its application in: business, industry, research and academic community works. This special issue aims to provide state-of-art and innovative papers on the design, implementation, and usage of intelligent IoT and related technologies, such as: cloud computing, big data, pervasive computing, social computing, etc. The primary goal is to provide a variety of research and survey articles in the field of the Internet of things and their application in different aspects of human activities. Findings and discussion should foster potentials and capabilities of research, academic community, and industry as well.

The target audience of this special issue includes professionals and researchers working in the field of information and communication technologies and their applications in business, industry, science and education.