University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Internet marketing-selected chapters

Study programManagement and Information Systems
Course statusCompulsory
AcademicsZorica M. Bogdanović, Aleksandra B. Labus, Dragan V. Vukmirović, Radmila B. Janičić,
AssociatesZorica M. Bogdanović, Aleksandra B. Labus, Aleksandar R. Milić

Course Content

Lectures and practical exercises: To introduce students to the latest research in the field of internet marketing and social media. Modeling business on the Internet. Definition of internet marketing plan. Methods of marketing with the research on the Internet. Modeling and implementation of internet marketing techniques, SEO techniques, and social media services. Methods and techniques of mobile marketing. The planning and implementation of campaigns on social media. Customer relationship management. Analysis of consumer behavior on the Internet. Systems recommendations. The development of business applications for managing relationships with customers using Facebook API. Methods of personalization and adaptation on the Internet. The use of internet marketing in business, education, science, medicine and administration.


The aim of the course is to enable students for the design and implementation of business on the internet using modern Internet technologies, techniques of internet marketing and social media services. 


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