University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Study group E-business Technologies

Within the study group E-business technologies, compulsory subjects are E-business-selected chapter and Internet technologies and systems. Elective Courses of study groups are: M-business technologies, Concurrent and distributed programming, Internet of things – selected chapters, Cloud infrastructure and services, Computer simulation and virtual reality, Security methods in e-business, Testing and software quality, Internet marketing and social media.

Course titleStatusSemesterECTS
E-business - selected chaptersCompulsoryWinter6
Internet technologies and systemsCompulsoryWinter6
M-business technologiesElectiveWinter6
Concurrent and distributed programmingElectiveSummer6
Internet of things - selected chaptersElectiveSummer6
Cloud infrastructure and servicesElectiveSummer6
Computer simulation and virtual realityElectiveSummer6
Security in e-business systemsElectiveSummer6
Testing software and software qualityElectiveSummer6
Internet marketing and social mediaElectiveSummer6
Business intelligence in e-business-selected chaptersElectiveSummer6
Big data in e-businessElectiveSummer6
Designing of computer network in companyElectiveSummer6
Competencies of students 

Courses of the study group E-business technologies  

Competencies of students who graduate degree program E-business technologies are as follows:

  • ability to independently or in a team implemented projects, analyze, structure and solve problems in the field of Internet technology
  • participation in national and international projects in the field of application of Internet technology’s ability to act independently or in a team implemented projects, analyze, structure and solve problems in the field of Internet technology
  •  the ability of realization of projects based on the application of advanced technologies internet and mobile technologies
  • ability to implement Internet of things projects
  • ability to develop interoperable systems in the Internet environment
  •  ability to develop services and applications of social computing
  • Ability to design and implement cloud computing infrastructure and services for e-business
  • Ability to design and big of data in electronic business
  • ability to network infrastructure enterprise in modern business systems
  • competence to manage IT projects in different areas of E-business: e-commerce, e-government, e-banking, etc.
  • competence in project management of mobile business
  • ability to identify the need to provide security of information systems in the Internet environment
  • the ability of integrating knowledge from a number of areas, multidisciplinary
  • ability to continue studying at the higher levels of study
  • ability to engage in scientific research and publication of scientific papers