University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Competitive and distributed programming – selected chapters

Study programInformation systems and management
Study groupE-business
Course statusElective
TeachersBožidar Lj. Radenković, Srđan M. Krčo
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Theoretical and practical teaching:  The methodology of scientific research in the field of competitive and distributed programming. Advanced hardware architecture. Kernel of multi-system. Advanced organization of multiprocessors. Typical problems of communication and synchronization process. Architectural means for controlling access to a critical region. System resources. Monitors. Securing distribution, linear scalability and reliability in modern computer systems. Distributed computing systems. Components of distributed computer systems. Distributed shared memory. Coordination and synchronization of processes in distributed computing systems. Distributed file systems. Service-oriented architecture and distributing business logic. Distributed databases. Review and analysis of the most significant references in this field. Analysis of the results of current scientific research projects in this field.

[/ac-accordion] [ac-accordion title=”Aims“]The aim of the course is to enable students for independent scientific research in the area of distributed computing systems and concurrent programming.[/ac-accordion] [ac-accordion title=”Literature”]
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