University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Ubiquitous computing and Internet of things

Study programManagement and information systems
Course statusElective
TeachersSrđan M. Krčo, Aleksandra B. Labus
AssociatesAleksandra B. Labus, Aleksandar R. Milić

Course Content

Theoretical and practical classes: Introduce students to the latest research in the field of Internet of things. Internet technologies of intelligent devices. Standard analysis of Internet of things. Modeling the infrastructure of smart environments. Design of wireless sensor networks. Infrastructure management of smart environments. Modeling and implementation of services for the collection, storage, processing and use of data from intelligent devices using M2M platform and publicly available data from different sensors, actuators, microcomputer and microcontroller. Connecting to read data from the sensors and applications. The development of web and mobile applications for the management of intelligent devices in smart environments. The use of the Internet of things in business, education, medicine, government and transportation. Analysis of the results of the current major international projects in this field.


The aim of this course is to enable students to work independently, model new solutions and solve current problems in the application of Internet of things and the automation of smart environment.


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