University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Tamara Naumović

Name: Tamara Naumović
Title: Assistant
Department: Department of E-business



Tamara Naumović was born in 1994 in Кraljevo, where she finished high school as a student of natural sciences and mathematics. She graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department – Information Systems and Technologies, in 2017. She enrolled in master’s studies after graduating in the field of E-Business and Systems Management. During the school year 2015/2016, she was hired by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences as a demonstrator in teaching, and since February 2018 as a teaching associate for the narrower scientific field of E-Business. During her undergraduate studies, she was a member of the Association of Informatics Students FONIS, of which she is now an alumni member.

Teaching activities

Tamara Naumović is engaged at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in the following courses:

  1. E-business
  2. Internet marketing
  3. Internet of things
  4. Simulation and simulation languages
  5. M-business
  6. E-business risk management
  7. Multimedia technology and Internet in culture
  8. Е-education
  9. Competitive programming

Scientific research

Areas of scientific interest of Tamara Naumović are:

  • E-business
  • Internet of things
  • M-business
  • Internet of intelligent devices
  • Internet marketing
  • Computer simulation

Participation in professional projects

Tamara Naumović participated in the project of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences:

  • “D-PBL: advancing project-based learning in the digital era”,
    implementer: Faculty of organizational sciences (partner institution).
    Project funded by: Portuguese National Agency ERASMUS+ for Education and Training, within Ерасмус+ program KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education, 2022-24.
  • “Installation of Moodle platform and system maintenance”,
    implementer: Faculty of organizational sciences, fuded by Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, 2021.
  • Project “Hands-On” in the realization of Department of E-business
  • Project “IOT Hackathon” in the realization of FONIS Association of Informatics Students in cooperation with the Department of E-Business, Microsoft and Startit Center