University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business


FONWebGPSS is a web application for learning simulation of discrete event, designed and implemented in a Simulation Lab. FONWebGPSS is fully integrated into the Moodle learning management system. FONWebGPSS is applied to solve the problem of discrete event simulation.

Key benefits of FONWebGPSS system are:

  • New and effective learning environment for the implementation of discrete event simulation
  • Integration with e-learning system Moodle LMS
  • Performing a discrete event simulation over the Web
  • Clear defined roles and functionalities of the system
  • Simple and clear interface with a variety of options for all user roles
  • User authentication
  • Increased scalability and interoperability using the web service.


 FONWebGPSS application is integrated in Elab system for e-business.