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Area of research – E-education

Scientific research in the field of electronic education includes the following topics:

  • System development and application of e-education – systems for managing electronic learning: Moodle LMS, applications for customer support system for learning.
  • Adaptive e-learning – Development and application of mechanisms for adapting educational content, modes and dynamics of learning according to the characteristics of students (learning styles, motivation, knowledge, interaction with the system, etc..).
  • Business intelligence in e-learning – application of tools and techniques of business intelligence in data analysis, decision making and implementation of system for e-learning.
  • Edutainment (Learning through play) – application of the concept of edutainment, and learning through a variety of fun activities, the implementation of teaching process, in order to increase the interest and motivation of students.
  • Mobile education – development of mobile services and applications in e-education: SMS services, quizzes, learning through mobile applications, etc.
  • E-marketing in e-education – application of modern techniques of internet marketing in e-learning, social networking, managing relationships with students.

Results of scientific work in this field have been implemented and used within the ordinary activities of the Department of e-business and management systems.