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Area of research – Computer simulation

Scientific research in the field of computer simulation include:

  • Simulation of continuous systems
  • Simulation of discrete systems
  • Simulation in business decision-making
  • Simulation software
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D modeling and 3D simulation

The results of scientific research in the field of computer simulations are presented through a series of published scientific papers and software solutions for the simulation of continuous and discrete systems:

  • CSMP – a software solution for simulating continuous systems based on the programming language CSMP. The main advantage of the solution developed in the laboratory is to simulate the rich and high-quality user interface that allows efficient learning using simulation language CSMP.
  • GPSS – interpreted language for the simulation of discrete – stochastic systems. GPSS / FON language is used for educational purposes because of its simplicity and accessibility, precisely defined language syntax, quick and easy debugging model.
  • FONWEBGPSS – web application for learning simulation of discrete systems. The application allows students to configure simulation models, perform simulation and analyze the results within a web page.