University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

Internet marketing and social media

Study programE-business and system management
Study groupElectronic business, E-business technologies
Course statusCompulsory, Elective
TeachersZorica M. Bogdanović, Dušan M. Barać, Aleksandra B. Labus, Dragan V. Vukmirović
AssociatesAleksandra B. Labus, Aleksandar Milić

Course Content

Lectures:Advanced concepts of Internet marketing. Models of business performance on the Internet – Case studies. Internet marketing plan – examples , case studies . Strategies , tactics and techniques of internet marketing. Measurement and analysis of the performance of the Internet. The integration of the components of internet marketing . SEO techniques . Services and applications for customer relationship management . The use of mobile technologies in marketing. Social media – state and perspectives . Social computing . The use of social networks in business. Business models , services , and analysis of social networks . Costs , revenues and social media optimization . The use of business analytics in internet marketing. Internet and public relations . The use of virtual reality in internet marketing. Application of the concept of fun activities in marketing. Current trends in Internet marketing and social media.

Practical exercises:Internet marketing plan – examples , case studies . Internet marketing techniques . SEO techniques and optimization of websites in browser . Responsiveness of the web site . HTML5 and CSS3 . CSS frameworks . A content management system WordPress . Development of plugins and themes for WordPress . Google services in Internet marketing. Customer Relationship Management – SugarCRM . Creating campaigns and appearances on social networks and media (Facebook , Twitter, Youtube , LinkedIn and others . ) and integration with WordPress . The development of services and applications of SMS marketing . Creating business applications using the Facebook and Twitter APIs. Creating games on social networks. Business intelligence concept in internet marketing. The use of virtual reality in internet marketing.


The aim of this course is to familiarize students with Internet marketing, business models, performance on the Internet to learn the techniques of internet marketing and social media tools in the development and implementation of Internet marketing plan.


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