University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

ELAB Summer school “E-business technologies” 2015

Traditionally, Summer school “E-business technologies” is organized by Department for e-business this year. This year summer school covers concept of modern e-business applications development, Internet of things technologies and concepts of software-defined networking and Cloud computing. Summer school will take place from September 21st to October 10th, 2015 at Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

During this period, it will be presented a few practical examples and labs exercises. Summer school “E-business technologies” will include 3 courses:

  1. E-business application development (12 participants)
  2. Internet of things (12 participants)
  3. Software-defined networking and Cloud computing (12 participants)

Undergraduate, master, postgraduate and PhD students can enroll in in this school.

Important dates:

  • Application deadline – August 15th – September 10th, 2015
  • 9th – 11th September- Interview with candidates
  • September 14th – A list of participants will be published
  • 16th – 24th September- Signing contract
  • September 21st – October 10th – Summer school

Lecturers at summer school “E-business technologies” are:

  • professor dr Bozidar Radenkovic
  • professor dr Marijana Despotovic-Zrakic
  • associate professor dr Zorica Bogdanovic
  • associate professor dr Dusan Barac
  • associate professor dr Aleksandra Labus
  • dr Zivko Bojovic
  • Konstantin Simic
  • Milica Labus
  • Dragana Groj
  • Nikola Milanovic

Ranking list of applicants will be based on previous success at studies and interview. Rights and obligations between participants of the first summer school “E-business technologies” and Elab department are defined by contract. By signing a contract, participants accept terms of attending chosen course of summer school.

Each participant who attends the classes and successfully completes the final project receives a certificate in the end of the course.