University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

EBT Conference

The conference “E-business technologies” will bring together leading professors, scientists, researchers, practitioners, IT cimpanies, PhD students and students to exchange ideas and practical examples from the field of e-business. Through presentations of achieved results, discussions and cooperation, the conference will contribute to the improvement of scientific potentials, knowledge and skills, promotion and strengthening of the idea of digital society. The conference should contribute to the establishment of long-term partnerships between researchers from academia, experts from practice and the wider community. The results of the conference should contribute to the overall development of e-business.

The organizer of the conference “E-Business Technologies” is the Department for e-business of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Conference program will be organized in several sections according to thematic units:

• E-business technologies
• Digital business ecosystems
• E-business management
• Digital marketing and social media
• Software engineering in e-business
• Agile e-business project management
• Software development in internet and cloud environment
• Mobile application development
• Big data and business intelligence in e-business
• IoT
• Artificial intelligence and computer simulation
• Security, privacy and blockchain

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