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Thesis introductory paper on doctoral studies

After taking the exam in the chosen field of doctoral study which collected a total of at least 90 ECTS points, the student is required to report, making and defending the thesis introdustory paper, which is entitled to then approaches his doctoral dissertation.[ac-accordions load=”none”][ac-accordion title=”Application forms and defense entrance paper”]

1)Login thesis introdustory paper on doctoral studies – example
2)Thesis introdustory paper on doctoral studies-example
3)The structure of the report on the scientific foundation of the thesis introdustory paper
4)Report a mentor on the completion of the thesis introdustory paper
5)The structure of the report on the work completed thesis introdustory paper
6)A request for scheduling the defense thesis introdustory paper
[/ac-accordion][ac-accordion title=”Procedure in connection with the application and defense entrance paper”]Login and defense thesis introdustory paper – description of the procedure[/ac-accordion][/ac-accordions]