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PhD Dissertation

The doctoral dissertation is the final part of the study program of doctoral studies and it represents independent and original scientific work of the candidate in the appropriate field of science or more scientific fields. PhD student shall be entitled to declare his doctoral dissertation when it meets the requirements and pass the exams study program. The right to report doctoral thesis is a person who has acquired Master’s Degree under the regulations that were in force before the entry into force of the Law on Higher Education of the 2005th year. A person that successfully defends his doctoral dissertation acquires scientific title “Doctor of Science” (PhD) in the relevant scientific field.

Application procedures and preparation of the doctoral dissertation comprises the following steps:

1) PhD Registration
2) The structure of the report on the acceptance of the doctoral dissertation of the Chamber of science in engineering
3) Mentors report of dissertation completion
4) The structure of the report of completed doctoral dissertation at the Chamber scientific field of technical sciences
5) Request to schedule dissertation defense
6) Standard form and content of the dissertation, which is defended at the University of Belgrade

An example of a doctoral dissertation