University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business

List of teachers in doctoral studies

Surname and nameBiographiesMentor's cards
prof. PhD Božidar RadenkovićBiographyMentor's card
prof. PhD Marijana Despotović - ZrakićBiographyMentor's card
doc. PhD Zorica BogdanovićBiographyMentor's card
doc. PhD Dušan BaraćBiographyMentor's card
doc. PhD Aleksandra LabusBiographyMentor's card
doc. PhD Srđan KrčoBiographyMentor's card
PhD Vladimir VujinBiographyMentor's card
doc. PhD Vojkan VaskovićBiographyMentor's card
PhD Branislav JovanićBiographyMentor's card
prof. PhD Aleksandar MarkovićBiography
prof. PhD Dragan VukmirovićBiographyMentor's card
prof. PhD Miloš ŽarkovićBiographyMentor's card
prof. PhD Nenad ArsovićBiographyMentor's card
prof. PhD Veljko MilutinovićBiographyMentor's card
prof. PhD Radmila JaničićBiographyMentor's card
prof. PhD Snežana KneževićBiography
doc. PhD Nenad StefanovićBiographyMentor's card