University of Belgrade, Faculty of organizational sciences

Department for e-business


Study programInformation systems and management
Study groupE-business
Course statusElective
TeachersDušan M. Barać, Vojkan R. Vasković, Snežana Knežević

Course Content

Theoretical and practical classes: Introduction to the methodology of scientific research in the field of e- banking. Models, services and applications of electronic banking. Advanced models and e-banking system architecture. Hardware and software infrastructure of e-banking. Payment systems at large. Interoperable model payment systems. Safety aspects of e-banking. Advanced reporting services in e-banking. Business analytics in e-banking. Credit Bureau. Mobile banking. E-banking standards. Design of complex services and applications of e-banking. Models and application architecture of e-banking. Implementation and integration of modules in-app payments electronic commerce. Model development of interoperable payment systems. Designing the infrastructure of e-banking. RFID and NFC mobile payments. Analysis of the ISO8583 standard. Overview of the most important results of scientific exploration work in the field of e-banking and the analysis of the results of the most current international projects.


The aim of course is to enable students to apply modern information and communication technologies in complex systems of e-banking. The specific objective is to enable students for research, as well as a successful writing research papers and dissertations in the field of e-banking.


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