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From January 10th to 13th in Barcelona, Spain, the ACE Conference was held by the Algorand Foundation. The conference was attended by all representatives of Algorand Centers of Excellence (ACE) projects, including members of the Department for e-business, as members of the ACE-W3 project. ACE-W3 is a project established in cooperation with the University of Florida, whose mission is to enable the development of innovative and experimental blockchain and Web3 apps on Algorand technologies.

Members of the Department for e-business, professors Aleksandra Labus, Marijana Despotović-Zrakić, and Zorica Bogdanović and teaching assistant Tamara Naumović presented the work of the Blockchain Laboratory at the conference. During the last four months, the laboratory has organized over ten workshops and lectures on the implementation of blockchain technologies in various ecosystems:

Seven micro-lectures:
Three workshops:
Three hands-on workshops:

During the conference, Marko Suvajdzic, Associate Professor of Digital Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, gave an amazing presentation on ACE-W3 and how WEB 3 and art can be integrated.

In addition to lectures and workshops intended for students, the Blockchain Laboratory also developed an app for tracking the origin of organic honey based on Algorand technologies. This app was presented at the ACE conference as part of a special section for the presentation of student works. As part of the Laboratory’s scientific research work, the scientific papers were also presented at the ICMarkTech’22 conference as part of the BMASmartC workshop, as well as the work at the CFMC conference.

During the conference, plans for the next period were also presented, when the Blockchain Laboratory will organize:

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